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How to wear an Edge Control J'Bonnet

 Hey Babe,  

Did you just get your J'Bonnet in the mail and now asking yourself, "how in the world do I put this thing on?" Or are you just browsing the site to figure out which bonnet is best for you? This tutorial will give you some guidance on making your purchase and how to wear your J’Bonnet in the most comfortable and stylish way! 

The Edge Control J'Bonnet is unique in more ways than one!  However, the most noticeable difference is the wide band around the front of the bonnet followed by 2 long bands on the sides. That is what you will use to secure your bonnet and create an adorable knot or bow on the top of your head. Now that you’ve seen what we’re working with, let's break down the styling into 4 easy steps! 

  1. Identify the back of the bonnet (The scrunchy material at the base of the bonnet)  
  1. Place the bonnet on your head and gingerly lay the edge control band on your edges

     3.Tuck your hair into the bonnet  

  1. Criss-Cross the bands behind your head, then bring the bands up to where the hairline begins and tie a knot or bow to secure the bonnet.

I love this bonnet so much because it allows you to have control with how tight or loose you want your bonnet to be! It's versatile and freakin' stylish if I do say so myself. 

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